It was chaos before meeting @mrsmparentcoach I was challenged by my eldest child, forever he’d ask to do things and he’d ask multiple times, listening was optional!!! I was feeling angry all the time and I blamed myself! I couldn’t understand why I always felt angry and anxious and why their actions and their bad choices made me feel that way. I wasn’t my best self and I knew it.

S & E

It’s like taking your dog for training and not doing the things at home. You have to DO this, and have consistency, but it works! #GameChanger


I am most proud of my relationship with my eldest son. It is less confrontational. There is lot more understanding by me about how he feels rather than how I feel, and a lot more communication. #GameChanger


We no longer have nagging, we all have more “me time”. We are more relaxed and can recognize each other’s triggers. Also, because we are more proactive and have systems in place, I have more time overall. Our experiences in public are now fantastic.

There’s less yelling, extremely rarely is there any anger. There’s less worrying and I feel much more relaxed, less anxious. We have more quality time with together as a couple and are considering taking a vacation together. I know I’m a good mom, but now I know I’m great at parenting, I have more confidence and we have a united parenting approach.

Our mornings are easier, our bedtimes are relaxed, we have more seamless transitions and better quality sleep. Our kids listen. and we have fewer negotiations and power struggles. We are happier and more confident as a parenting team.