I will forever be grateful to you for helping me make my house such a peaceful place to be. Not going to lie, I have so enjoyed my time home social distancing with my family, and I have to thank you for that! -BW

I was tired of trying to juggle parenting and organization of time and schedules on my own as a single parent, the troubles at school and processing and working with the new diagnosis. @MrsMParentCoach eased my anxiety and helped me cope.


The power struggles were getting worse as he got older and the guilt for how I reacted to his challenging behaviour was making me feel guilty, alone and disconnected. Being a single parent, I knew he deserved the best of me and I needed help. Thankfully I started 1:1 custom coaching with @MrsMParentCoach before the Covid-19 pandemic started! We are enjoying each other’s company and I’m now confident that parenting him as a teenager will be just fine ♥️


Being a mom, teacher, playmate and full time employee was making me lose my mind! Thank you for coaching me about boundaries, schedules and routines to make being at home due to this pandemic much calmer. I can actually do my job from home now!


Parenting from different homes has become much smoother once we realized how we could both be on the same page and avoid the those terrible transition-behaviours. Thank you for getting us on the same page.


My three-nager tests my nerves and I am so glad you coached my on how to react to his undesirable behaviour. Parenting is quite an adventure and I can see how what we do now will affect our relationship when he’s a teenager!


I never understood that I kept doing the same thing and getting the same result until you pointed it out. Life with my son is completely different after attending your introduction. I look forward to starting the Blueprint in the summer.


I can’t believe you’re doing this! Thank you so much. No one thinks about teacher well-being at school. They expect we know every thing about every child, but we all know that every single child is different. I am looking forward to your November Bootcamp!


Your workshop made me think about the way I interact with children in a completely different way. I have to remember that I am only able to control myself and my response. Thanks for the tips!


Thanks also for the great workshop!  I found it very informative and I look forward to finding out about the ones you’re planning for late November.
P.S. Is there a book or website that you would recommend that talks even more about “intense brain kids”?