Peace Begins Here…

If you’re a frustrated parent who is: overwhelmed, exhausted, at your witts end or just want to know why your intense brained child with ADD, ADHD, Autism, Giftedness or your neuritypical child didn’t come with a user manual, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a Certified Mad2Glad Parent Coach.  I offer real solutions and time tested strategies that get to the root of the disharmony and will provide a road map to bring peace and enjoyment back into your home.  

That Happy Kids User Manual I mentioned, I’ve got it!

I’m newly minted!!

Nikki has officially become a Mad2Glad Certified Parent Coach!! Her vision 6 months ago was “Ubuntu: I am because we are.”

As a teacher who recognized that children are WHOLE people, with experiences inside and OUTSIDE the classroom, her heart was heavy in knowing the limitations of a child specialist who can see parents are struggling but not having explicit instruction in how to guide them toward greater peace and collaboration with their child.

Now, she says, “as a Mad2Glad Certified Parent Coach I am in a position where I have advice for parents that don’t involve doctors, therapists or negativity in any way, and I put the power to improve their lives, their families and themselves in their own hands.”

“I also now have simple and solid advice for educators that may be counterintuitive to the way that they were taught but brings them such joy at the outcome of simple tiny tidbits of advice.”

“This program is more valuable to the wellbeing and balance for me, my family and my students than all my years of undergrad and graduate studies combined. Sign up and never look back!”

Nikki IS a lighthouse in the storm who is solid, reassuring and able to stand strong in her belief that ALL CHILDREN HAVE GIFTS and we only need to learn to draw them out.

The volunteer parents who Nikki coached during the experiential portion of this Certification program attributes their shift to her beautiful style and in-depth knowledge of the new parenting tools. They shifted from “anger, through-the-roof anxiety and nagging” to having a relationship with their children they “are proud to have!”

Nikki guided them to a space where now, “Our kids listen and we have fewer negotiations and power struggles. We are happier and more confident as a parenting team.”

We whole-heartedly agree with their praise that “Nikki is an incredible person who is full of encouragement, with an amazing ability to break parenting down into steps that change family dynamics so everyone is on the same page.”

Please CELEBRATE Nikki’s accomplishment and the GIFTS SHE BRINGS to the world!