Back to School: Covid-19

Webinar scheduled for: Aug 29/30th,2020

The Pivot:

Back to school will be like none we’ve ever imagined. Join us as we discuss how to be resilient in the face of so much uncertainty. How do we prepare our children who’ve been starved for social contact to distance themselves from their friends?

The 2020Reboot for Pandemic Parents was a huge success!  We had the great realization of all the positives that came from this pause at home as an opportunity to connect with our children, but now as summer comes to an end, it’s time to prepare for The Pivot.

After 25 weeks, what will we keep and what will we toss?

How can we keep our community safe, and get our children learning in the classroom after 179 days out of the physical classroom in Ontario?

These are the questions parents are asking:

  • Will there be enough soap & sanitizer?
  • Will there be enough custodians to properly clean?
  • Will students share scissors, glue sticks, math tools, a community tissue box, etc?
  • How will they eat, unmasked and who will sanitize the table they eat at?
  • If kids are in daycare and at school, isn’t the double exposure?
  • What will Kindergarten with an average of 26, many already at 30 students going to look like?
  • Is distance learning going to be academically sustainable?
  • I’m not a teacher and my kids refuse to do their schoolwork at home. What can I do?
  • Will there be a teacher for online learning, or am I responsible for homeschooling?
  • How will they fit and be physically distanced in the classrooms?
  • Most importantly, with scheduling and shared custody, how will parents manage?

What’s included:

  • An invitation to the live webinar on Aug 29/30th at noon where MrsMParentCoach will share what the Ontario Government says, what the School Boards in the GTA are saying to parents, and more specifically – what teachers predict
  • Weekly email updates about what to expect for your elementary school aged children in Ontario including a conversation about what choices parents have and the potential impact on their family