This blog post by Lindy Sood, Co-Founder of Love Powered Co. spoke so deeply to my Mamma self, my Teacher self, my Student self and my Entrepreneur self, I had to share the power of self-compassion and reinforcement that our little ones are haring us and learning from us as they go from #Chaos2Calm.

I realized, that he has been listening (whether it be subconsciously or consciously or BOTH), the whole time. His display of pure, sweet, empathy, brought me back to reality, and with a deep love for these little beings, and a sprinkle of self-compassion, I wrapped my arms around my two favourite petite humans. It was going to be ok.

~Lindy Sood

Connection is More Important Than Perfection

We made it fellow teachers, the first week of school is complete and everyone is safe! Hooray! But my #Chaos2Calm mindset wonders, are these little people feeling safe?

The DDSB has a grassroots initiative that started last year @PearsonAjax called The First 20 Days of Well-being and this @20DaysWellbeing has caught fire! Essentially an entire school begins the school year participating in community circles that are themed around building connections among students in the school so they know they belong, matter and are valued. I always share with my little ones that I have 2 jobs as their Teacher: First to ensure they are safe, and second, to grow their brain 😊

Part of feeling safe for students is knowing they matter, that they’d be missed, or noticed. One major win for me is that I finally got a couch for my classroom and my teacher heart is so happy. You’d be surprised how meaningful it is to sit beside a child and read (or share) with them, rather than teaching reading strategies from the other side of a desk in 1:1 interactions.

Mattering really matters.

So as we ease into week 2 of school and assessments begin and more academic expectations are prevalent, remember that proactive, intentional positive community circles, class check-ins and continued relationship building really matters.

“When you see a child differently, you quite literally see a different child.” @StuartShankar

Acknowledge and validate children. When you see them first thing in the morning, when greet them after a long day or time away, and most importantly, when they’ve got fire on the brain and and are desperately trying to regulate their bodies and emotions.

Offer calm, soft eyes to say “I see you. I love you. You matter to me” and their mirror neutrons will actually share your calm and intuitively respond “to the change that he senses in you. This is the reason why, when you see a child differently, you quite literally see a different child.” Dr. Stuart Shanker discusses this in his #SelfReg blog.


Thank you to the many educators who came out to the DDSB Summer Institute Chaos2Calm in the Classroom session this afternoon.


When you… give me feedback,

I feel… appreciated and excited

Because… I know that together we can help teach children they matter, that they are safe with us, that  their big feelings are okay, and that we are here to help them figure out how to be their best selves.

Thank you so much for your time today DDSB Child Professionals!

UPDATE! Ask to register for the Chaos2Calm Bootcamp on Nov 17th and 24th 

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