Why I’m Transitioning…

I coached parents so they could cope with their intense children during and after the Covid related lockdowns and school closures. I realized that although parents need a parent coach, these are not normal times, and the strategies and parenting tools I offer depends on stability. When I found myself referring parents to therapists first, before my work of parent coaching could truly be efficient and effective, I knew I needed to reposition my focus to be an advocate for children.

What most children need is social emotional intelligence, tools for resilience, and structure. And more specifically, the very building blocks of their success in society depend on their ability to read. Each and every human has a right to read, and every child CanRead. This is a basic and essential human right, so I’ve transitioned my focus to ensure children grow into confident, fluent readers – filling the gaps with systematic, structured instruction at CanRead.ca.

Every child has a right to read.

…education is not a privilege. It is a fundamental human right. We collectively advocate that education is not a cost but an investment in a sustainable future for our societies, children and the planet.

UN Transforming Education Pre-Summit

Children who specifically struggle to crack the reading code, even at school, will benefit from my training with the International Dyslexia Association and the Orton Gillingham Academy. Children who learn differently will thrive in a 1:1 or small virtual reading group with me at CanRead.ca

Parents are their children’s biggest advocate, and I’m still here as a Parent Coach, however, my primary focus is as a Right to Read Advocate.

Until we meet again,

MrsM Parent Coach