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Those Little Negotiators

Are your kiddos fantastic negotiators?

Mine are. They always have been.

I’m grateful they are intelligent enough to do so, even though it drives me nuts and takes forever and sometimes comes across as challenging (or rude). And yes! Oftentimes I get caught up in the power struggle, forgetting to leave my ego at the door and also forgetting the infamously awesome mantra:

Calm Body – Calm Voice – Calm Face

~ Samantha Moe

Funny story: When my littlest was 3, he managed to escape undetected, go into his sister’s desk, get her watercolour palette and paintbrush – LICK the paintbrush – and paint his lips, nose, around his cheeks and forehead with paint!

He knew I was curious, but didn’t know he’d been caught. He had no idea we could see the evidence so I knew I had to be very deliberate about how I investigated this situation.

I asked a lot of questions. And led him down a path of being guilty of touching and using things that weren’t his, and without his sister’s permission. (Note: I’m the one who left him unattended, this is as much my crime as his)

I knew this would be a good one so I got the video rolling so his dad could experience this almost first-hand. I managed to hold it together too until he realized he was in a predicament and started tapping his lip with his finger, and that’s when it happened… I lasted exactly 1 minute and 44 seconds before bursting into laughter!

I still have the video. And the photo of his face before he was busted is still one of my iconic favourites!

Have your kiddos ever negotiated their innocence with you?

I’d love to hear about it! Comment in our Facebook Community – click here – so others can see that we truly are not alone! Parenting can be hard, and funny all at the same time.

Fake it till you make it parents!

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