What exactly is Parent Coaching ?

Becoming a Parent Coach has helped me empower parents to have kids who listen, help out at home and do better in school. That’s the tip of the iceberg. What’s really happening though, is deep in the hearts of children.

I’m a teacher and work daily with 6 year olds. I also interact with parents who express that parenting is a thankless, challenging job that “doesn’t come with an instruction manual.”

Most parents will break down and express that they’re afraid they’ll do it wrong, or feel they have already messed up their kids, but every one of them loves their children, no matter how challenging they are. I’ve worked with parents of children who are adopted, have Autism, ADHD, are neuro-typical or neurodiverse. Always… the same sentiment.

First they contact me and when we first meet, they’re looking for acknowledgement, they’re frustrated and most are feeling overwhelmed. By our third meeting, they’re expressing joy and confidence about their new parenting skills. From there, we go deeper and I have the privilege of helping them implement tried-and-true strategies that work!

Soon after I hear that the kids feel empowered. They are happier and more cooperative. Then, their teachers start commenting on their improvements at school and ask if I coach teachers too. 😆 (I do.) In my classroom, my students are calm, empathetic and happy.

Parent Coaching is similar to Life Coaching, it’s about you, and finding your best self. As a parent coach, I don’t meet the children, I’m a parent-advocate and coach. I work with single parents, and also with parents-as-partners raising the same children. It’s an ongoing process (all humans are), but results are quick, compounding and mutually beneficial for both the parents and their children. (Visit Samantha Moe & Associates to find out more)

This type of transformation happens regardless of where parents are when they begin, and the impact on their children’s lives will transcend generations.

My life is richer. My heart is fuller. Our world better, one child at a time.

♥️ MrsMParentcoach

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