2020 Reboot


Reduce fighting, yelling, and frustration at home.

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In May & June 2020, well over 70 hours of survival tips were provided free of charge to parents trying to survive sheltering-in-place & distance learning with their children.

The 2020 Reboot

Our routines were shot! Our usual activities, time with friends, and outlets to release energy or change the scenery was not an option.

We’re spending more time and energy together with our children, so let’s make this time count!

Join the many parents who are turning the COVID 19 ‘pause at home’ into an opportunity to positively connect with their children and bring family relationships from Chaos2Calm.

As an elementary school teacher, parent, and Parent Coach, I am also elbow-deep in this learning at home experience. I’ve encountered the impact from all perspectives and have prepared four 20-30 minute emergency distance learning classes for parents trying to survive these unprecedented times.

This course is specifically designed for:

  • Parents learning at home with their children during the Covid-19 Pandemic (and surviving the ‘summer slide’ of academic learning)
  • Teachers providing learning at home resources.

The Mad2Glad® Blueprint is designed to work with Intense Brain Kids. Learn ONE strategy each week (and the psychology behind why it works). Join my live class and let’s give 2020 a complete reboot!

What’s Included:

Four 20-minute classes taught live, online:
Day 1: How to Cope
Day 2: Routines & Power
Day 3: Connection
Day 4: End the Fighting

Parents have used this training to help their children calm, connect, and cooperate since 2004. We’ll be using a few elements of the Mad2Glad Blueprint, a brain-and-nervous-system-based approach to positive communication and parenting that works to soothe and even preempt intense kids’ most challenging behaviours.

Now… it’s time to reflect and pivot.