2018 Reflections

As I reflect on 2018 on New Year’s Eve, and on why I became a Mad2Glad Parent Coach, I remember teaching Kindergarten and being surprised at the increasing numbers of children I’d see coming in with needs, and shocked at the types of violent incidents I’d witnessed and experienced by these little people.

This article summarizes it well: https://www.durhamregion.com/news-story/9073686-violence-is-durham-s-2018-education-newsmaker-of-the-year/

But most disenheartening was listening to the parents of these children ask me how I was going to fix “it”. Without parents as partners, I honestly didn’t know where to start, especially when they themselves were expressing helplessness. Technically, my job was to teach the Curriculum published by the Ministry of Education along with learning skills that get reported on, and some developmentally appropriate self-regulation strategies so children can be ready to learn. And yes, there are support personnel in our schools but they are a resource, not a sole solution. The solution, I figured out, always starts within the safety and security of HOME.

I’ve always believed two things:

  1. A parent is a child’s first and forever teacher and knows them best. I’d often consult with parents as a source of information and experience when figuring out how to best serve their child as their teacher.
  2. All children have gifts. They each bring something awesome, beautiful and special to this world, and I believed it to be my job (with help from their parents) to tap into it and help motivate them to shine.

Becoming a Parent Coach was a calling, it was ignited by a clear need within my community, and a gap I plan to fill. I cannot imagine a better way to serve our children than by helping their parents build a secure and loving foundation for them at home.

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