1:1 Parent Coaching

You’re not in this alone. Navigating tantrums, diagnoses, and everyday life can be very challenging, even when co-parenting. Working with a Parent Coach helps you to develop new skills and strategies specific to your family dynamics, helping you connect with your children to achieve a calm, peaceful home.

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The Mad2Glad® Blueprint inspired this work and was originally designed specifically for parents with intense kids. This training is appropriate for parents of neurotypical children who are bored of being home during the Covid-19 pandemic and refusing to participate in distance learning, and also those intense children who may have Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Autism, Giftedness, Reactive Attachment Disorder, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

What’s Included:

  • EIGHT 60-minute live meetings
    • Learn one parenting pillar that works for intense, bored or challenging kids every other week, and the psychology behind WHY it works
  • A customized program to help your family target challenges
  • FREE Intense Brain Child Assessment, report and follow up consultation Mad2Glad® Blueprint access to videos, action steps, troubleshooting help, a parent manual, and supplemental resources as needed.

The Mad2Glad® Blueprint uses neuroscience and child psychology to teach parents practical ways to implement effective strategies. The Mad2Glad® Blueprint covers the following:

Pillar 1: Calm the Fire- Learn about the
importance of keeping yourself calm so
you do not “fuel the fire” in your child’s
brain and increase behaviours.
Pillar 5: Mad2Glad® Discipline Protocol-
A step-by-step method to enable
behavioural change through connection and teaching skills.
Pillar 2: 10 Hidden Landmines-
Many parents unintentionally fall into these 10 patterns of parenting that actually work
against the goal of peace and calm at home.
Pillar 6: Emotional Communication-
Help connect your child to his or her emotions, which in turn connects them to you.
Pillar 3: Happy Chemicals-
Replace your child’s stress with happy chemicals to calm the fire and increase connection with your child.
Pillar 7: Optimizing Daily Routines
Learn strategies for the most difficult times of the day to increase predictability in your child’s day.
Pillar 4: Red Light Parenting-
Ensure that your actions match your words so that you are consistent, and your child learns “first time listening”
Pillar 8: Skills and Siblings- 
Teach siblings conflict resolution skills & how to treat each other respectfully.