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Courses Offered:

2020 Reboot
Frustrated at home with your kids & struggling with distance learning, you’re not alone! Time to unplug and reboot! – 4 weeks

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Powerful Parent Groups
Ready to use this ‘pause’ at home to pivot? Understand what triggers your kids and prevent tantrums – 8 weeks

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1:1 Parent Coaching
Get exactly what you need, when you need it with custom 1:1 coaching for you and your parenting partner(s) – 16 to 20 weeks

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Here’s what other parents are saying:

I never understood that I kept doing the same thing and getting the same result until you pointed it out. Life with my son is completely different after attending your introduction. I look forward to starting the Blueprint in the summer.


We no longer have nagging, we all have more “me time”. We are more relaxed and can recognize each other’s triggers. Also, because we are more proactive and have systems in place, I have more time overall. Our experiences in public are now fantastic.

There’s less yelling, extremely rarely is there any anger. There’s less worrying and I feel much more relaxed, less anxious. We have more quality time with together as a couple and are considering taking a vacation together. I know I’m a good mom, but now I know I’m great at parenting, I have more confidence and we have a united parenting approach.

Our mornings are easier, our bedtimes are relaxed, we have more seamless transitions and better quality sleep. Our kids listen. and we have fewer negotiations and power struggles. We are happier and more confident as a parenting team.