Being a mom, teacher, playmate and full time employee was
making me lose my mind! Thank you for coaching me about
boundaries, schedules and routines to make being at home due to this
pandemic much calmer. I can actually
do my job from home now!…KL

I’m MrsM Parent Coach. I help you by providing results that are quick, compounding and mutually beneficial.

Providing positive communication tips & strategies that work to soothe and preempt intense kids’ most challenging behaviours.


2020 Reboot Frustrated at home with your kids & struggling with distance learning, you’re not alone! Time to unplug and reboot! – 4 weeks

Powerful Parenting Groups
Ready to use this ‘pause’ at home to pivot? Understand what triggers your kids and prevent tantrums – 8 weeks

Private 1:1 Get exactly what you need, when you need it with Custom coaching for you and your parenting partner(s) – 16 to 20 weeks

2020 Pivot Back to school will be like none we’ve ever imagined. Join us as we discuss how to be resilient in the face of so much uncertainty.

It takes a Village, right?

Oh yes it does! I’d love to become part of the Community!

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